Financial Planning – Drawing up a financial plan for our client

A wise man once said: Failing to plan is planning to fail. This is nowhere more relevant than where it concerns one’s own financial planning.

Our financial planners will help you to draw up a financial plan that takes into account at which stage in life you find yourself and what it is you want to achieve with your money. A financial plan is a blueprint for what you want to achieve and tells you what is possible and at what time. It will guide you in your financial decisions and take into account what your dreams are for yourself and for your family. Many of the things that one wants to do needs money and it may not be always possible to reach those dreams right now, except if you are wealthy already. To be able to do those things, one needs to have a plan. This is where you need a financial plan and this is what we will help you with.

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Investment Advice

You want to invest your money but you are not certain which investment vehicle to use? You should always bear in mind that there are different investment vehicles that you can use. There are bank deposits and savings accounts; you can invest in unit trusts or in etf’s (exchange traded funds)or directly into shares. To make the correct decision, you should decide what your time frame for this investment is. A timeframe will assist in choosing the most appropriate investment vehicle.

If you would need the money within a year or two it is best to put it in bank instruments like savings accounts or term deposits. Should you have a longer timeframe of say 3-5 years and longer, you should consider investing in unit trusts and / or etf’s. Remember, over the longer term you need your capital to grow faster than inflation and the best place –perhaps nowadays the only place- where it is possible is in equities (unit trusts, etf’s, shares).

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Planning for your children’s study costs

With the cost of quality education sky rocketing, any parent must have nightmares about the affordability of their children’s educational fees. Not only do you have to invest and save for your child’s university fees, but now you must also do so for their primary and high school fees as well. You need an investment plan to help you invest to be able to give your children the kind of education that you want for them.

Remember that your child already starts with primary school in his 6th year. This means that you do not have many years in which to grow an investment - so more reason that you make the correct investment decisions. We can help you. Contact us by clicking here

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Planning for your retirement

Probably one of the most neglected aspects of people’s financial planning is planning for their retirement. This is mostly so because people think that because they belong to their employer’s retirement fund (pension fund or provident fund), they do not have to worry about retirement. Yet, statistics show that out of every 100 people that reach retirement, only 6 can retire without any financial worries. The rest – 94 of them- cannot retire. They have to either continue working or they are dependent on family members or- worse- on the state. (These numbers include people that are members of their employer’s retirement fund.)

What is the answer? The answer is simple. You should make additional provision. By working with you and doing a proper analysis of your own personal situation, we can work out whether it is necessary for you to make additional provision or not. If you do need extra measures we will advise you on what your shortfall is and how to best invest to reach your goals. Our financial planners make use of the best of breed technology to assist our clients in determining their needs and solutions.

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Planning for untimely death or disability

What will happen to your loved ones if you die now? Isn’t it a thought that most of us have entertained at one time or another? This is especially of concern if you are the main breadwinner of the household. Will they be able to continue to live the life that they are used to? Will your children be able to go to university or get any form of higher education? Will the family loose the house? What will happen if you lose your income due to becoming disabled? In a sense there are more difficulties when you become disabled because on top of the same worries mentioned above, you might need expensive extra healthcare on top of all the other worries.

Death or disability can lead to much sadness and misery, but it does not really have to lead to financial ruin for you and your family. With more than 24 years in the financial services industry, our financial planners can help you to plan for these life changing events. Come and speak to us now.

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Planning for loss of income and other of life’s disasters

Have you ever thought about the impact on you and your family if you should get retrenched from your work? Maybe you have, maybe not. It’s only if you have already went through such an experience that you will be able to fathom the trauma and upheaval that an event like this causes in one’s life. Not only are there financial trauma, there is also the emotional and psychological trauma. Fortunately, with professional help most people are able to eventually deal with these emotional and psychological traumas. Unfortunately you will- however- have to deal with the financial trauma yourself.

Let us assist you and help you to plan for an event like this. In today’s world no-one can ever say that his or her work is secure. It is better to plan for the eventuality than to get caught unawares. We will advise you on the best way in which to protect yourself against the financial ravages of a loss of income.

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Planning to save enough money for your dreams

We all have dreams that we would like to realise. Some of these dreams may not require money to realise. It may perhaps require a lifestyle change or a change of attitude or it may require other intangible things. Some dreams, however, needs money to realise. These are dreams like sending your children to the best schools and giving them a university education. Perhaps you want to own a beautiful house in a good neighbourhood or you want to take an overseas trip or two. Dreams like these needs money and therefore you need to save to be able to realise them.

Investing explained (A few short and simple videos that explain the basic principles)

We offer a number of savings and investment options that is highly suitable and will help you to realise those dreams faster than you perhaps would have thought is possible.

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Pension Fund Advice

Many people belong to their employer’s retirement fund. Many do not understand the implications and the difference between a pension fund and a provident fund. It is important that you know what the difference is and how it affects you when it comes to things like benefit payments and tax incentives.

Whilst retirement funds make different investment options available for the members, it is important that people exercise the investment option most suitable to their life stage and their personal risk profile. Our clients know that it is a high risk to you if you do not get personal financial advice to assist you with your option choice.

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Business Assurance

Business Assurance - Solutions to protect what you've worked so hard to build.

Running a business is fraught with risk. In a moment, an unexpected death or case of disability can destroy the business you've worked so hard to build. Banks may call in loans, surviving business owners and the deceased's heirs may become embroiled in bitter ownership battles. Client's may lose confidence and flee to competitors and your family and heirs may not receive what is due to them.

How do you retain important employees, or protect your income and meet your monthly overhead expenses if you are unable to work? How will you finance future growth and expansion?

Whilst we offer a complete range of business solutions designed to address these scenarios, we also advice you on how best to structure them cost effectively for your own business.

  • Business Investment Plan
  • Buy and Sell agreements
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Loss of Income Protection
  • Personal Liability Plan
  • Preferred Compensation Plan
  • Future Liability Plan

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