Life happens. Good and bad – but how prepared are we to face the bad? Life insurance is there to help you take care of the financial challenges that goes with unexpected events such as death, disability and terminal illness.

Starting early and keep on doing it is the recipe for successful investment. We believe you are the master of your own destiny. Learn how to investment to become financially independent.

Get professional advice on how to choose a world class medical scheme that suits your own unique needs.

Get help for the huge co-payments on your medical bills.

Get the best price for your home and car insurance.

More than 94 people out of every 100 that reach retirement age in South Africa will not be able to retire. By investing in a retirement annuity you may use your income tax money to help save for retirement.

Being retrenched is emotionally challenging and scary at the same time – the prospect of maintaining your general living expenses can be very stressful. Read how to receive an income should something like this happens to you.

Cape Investment Advisors - Your Future, Our Priority

Establish Relationship

Establish a professional relationship with our client.

Financial Analysis

We gather information and data about the client’s financial situation.

Determine Goals

We assess your current situation and determine what you must do to meet your goals.

Recommend Plans

We develop and present financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives.

Implement Plans

We work with our client to implement the recommendations.

Monitor Progress

We monitor and guide our client as he/she progresses to the set goal.


Our clients are important to us and that is why we focus on their needs and strive to give them the best products and services that we can. Therefore we choose our service providers with this philosophy in mind.

Investing Explained
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